Create new claim

In the market, an automated system for processing claims of customers operates.
Rules of processing claims.
  1. Moderation / Validation of the new claim by the marketplace administrator = 3 working days. The status "New".
  2. If the claim requires the intervention of the seller, an appropriate invitation will be sent.
  3. Claim processing time = 10 working days. The status is "Open".
  4. After the deadline for reviewing the claim, a decision is made by the administration of the marketplace - "Return of payment", "Refusal to return", "Transfer to competent authorities".
Please note that some payment systems can confirm your payment within 2-3 hours. The payment is verified automatically, but if a claim is submitted for payment, the automatic check is disabled and then carried out only manually, by the Marketplace administrator. In such a situation, the seller will not receive a confirmation of your payment and the order may be canceled by the seller until the claim is closed. If you have paid for the order and there are no mistakes in the payment process, it is recommended that you wait for some time to receive payment confirmation from the payment system.

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